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Benefits of Becoming a Non-Smoker

20 minutes to 8 hours:
- Blood pressure, pulse drop to normal
- Carbon monoxide level drops to normal
- Oxygen level goes up to normal

24 hours to 48 hours:
- Chance of heart attack begins to decrease
- Nerve endings start to regrow
- Taste and smell is enhanced

2 to 21 weeks:
- Circulation improves
- Lung function goes up 30%

1 to 9 months:
- Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath are all decreased
- Lung cilia regrow, enhancing immunity and overall energy

1 year to 10 years:
- Excess risk of coronary disease is half of a smoker's
- Lung cancer death rate is the same as a non-smoker
- Precancerous cells are replaced by healthy ones

15 years:
- No more risk of heart disease than if you had never smoked!