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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Other Services


In addition to offering hypnosis for smoking cessation, I also operate a busy psychotherapy practice.  In my 20 years as a clinician, I have treated individuals with a range of presenting concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and grief.  
Are you feeling sad, worried, don't have the energy or satisfaction you would like?  Give yourself the chance to speak with someone who cares, understands, and can help.  You have the potential to grow, to use your strengths, and to finally start taking care of yourself.  I will help you on the journey toward living fully and in the present, with acceptance of whatever curves come next in life's roller-coaster.  I can help you find a way to live with joy and confidence, minimizing the time that you are overwhelmed by negativity and stress.  We think ourselves into problems, and can learn to think and live more positively.  

Please check my entry on Psychology Today's
Therapy Directory for more details.  I accept most major insurance plans, and would be happy to discuss beginning therapy work with you.